Hey, Guys, welcome to our first blog post, our name is StartPreneurs … As much as you want to know about us, we would save that bit for later.

To start, we will be discussing, which we are sure you are already familiar with, Augmented Reality or AR as our awesome tech nerds like to call it.

SnapChat was one of the first platforms to introduce Augmented Reality filters to the public, this added some sauce to the way we interact on social media. Instagram also began using the AR filters later on.

So what is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality is that flower, tongue, dog ears or facial expression that SnapChat and Instagram allow you to use. In more techy terms, AR is the introduction of Computer Generated Images (CGI) into reality to increase interaction and understanding of the environment. Augmented Reality is the integration of digital information within the user’s environment in real time. AR uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it. Arghhhh, so techy, at StartPreneurs we like our techy terms.


Of course, some cool nerds came up with these awesome tech called Augmented Reality. Fighter jets used digital displays for their simulation. From really cool fast fighter jet screens to AR sports screens, then to those really cool dog faces we have come to love.

One of the first commercial applications of AR technology was the yellow “first down” line that began appearing in televised football games sometime in 1998. Today, SnapChat and Instagram Filters are perhaps the most well-known consumer AR products, but the technology is used in many industries including healthcare, public safety, oil and gas, tourism and marketing.


     … guys is this REALLY where the world is going?

A great example of Augmented Reality is Pokemon Go which went viral in 2016. Pokemon Go allowed users to catch Pokemons that appeared to be in the real world, but only through the lens of a smartphone camera. More complex AR technologies use glasses to fully immerse the user in Augmented Reality, but the physical world is still what is being altered. In simpler words, AR allows the world to become your screen you interact with.


Do you remember the comeback of 2Pac in 2012, which was an epic stage moment where we saw the resurrection of the musical legend, 2Pac. Check here if you haven’t seen it. What most people don’t realise is that Holograms are actually Augmented Reality. This 2Pac resurrection had me singing, Rick Ross’s 2Pac’s back… well his Hologram though.

Augmented Reality is evolving from smartphone usage like Snapchat to wearable tech glasses like Solos, Vuzik and many more. AR apps now allow users to navigate through streets, stalk their friends, and interact with the world around them.

Road Navigation with AR
Discount Shopping with AR App

Mark Zukerburg is, of course, pioneering the commercialization of AR Tech. Facebook sometime in May announced a platform for developers to build new experiences into its in-app cameras, saying it would bring augmented reality into mainstream consumer use.

Software developers (the cool awesome geeks we mentioned earlier) are the ones who create these AR experiences. For them to be able to do this they need special skill sets in programming languages like; Unity (JavaScript), C#, C++, Vuforia, Optix, CG, CV, ML, 3D Animation and so on. Our awesome cool nerds build special 3D programmes embedded into apps, which utilises contextual digital markers to create the AR experience. Ok… Enough nerdy talk.

pokemon-go.jpgHow can we talk about all these cool experiences without talking about the ultimate fun experience, which is VIDEO GAMING. Pokemon Go, comes to mind first when we mention AR Gaming, others include Ingress, Zombie Go, Diggs Nightcrawler to mention a few. Games have become more immersive with the help of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Oh, I forgot to mention Virtual Reality, it is another immersive experience from our awesome nerds.

Virtual Reality is… Na, this story is for another post.

One of our favourite video games at StartPreneurs is Resident Evil. This is because most of our formative memories have been around shooting zombies. Imagine shooting these zombies in real time, other than the conventional TV or PlayStation experience. That is what you get in Zombie Go.


So why is StartPreneurs telling you all of these? StartPreneurs is one of the awesome cool nerds I mentioned earlier, they are an amazing tech company, based in Abuja, Nigeria. The awesome team of nerds at StartPreneurs are currently building three wonderful AR technologies that would disrupt the Music Industry in Africa, Brand Marketing Campaign Engagement and change the way enjoy Sports.

See you soon, when we discuss more Augmented Reality and some Virtual Reality. Goodbye, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Adiós, 再见.


Editor In Chief: Folagbemi Olujuyigbe



  1. It is truly amazing to see how the world is developing at a fast pace and StartPreneurs is trying to bridge the gap for the African system. Cuddles keep it up.


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